Our software comes with three activation methods. They are,

    1. CD Key System

    2. SMS Activation

    3. Download and SMS Activation


1. CD Key Activation

     In this case our CD software build with CD Key activation system. The protection is provided by two methods,

                                       a. Software and protection system on single CD

                                       b. Software on DVD and the protection on a CD ( Software consist of DVD + CD )

     Activation procedure is as follows.

2. SMS Activation

     This software comes on a CD or DVD and ac activation key printed on a card.

     Software Installation procedure is as follows,

    In this case activation method is as follows.

3. Download and SMS activation

     ( The following method applied only for CIBF 2017 sales only )

     When you purchase the software Activation Key Card and  the download instruction sheet will be  given to you from our stall        at book fair in BMICH.

     Software download and installaton instruction as follows

     In this case activation method is as follows.